Hydraulic Bench Presses (13)

1-20 ton capacities. These compact presses are hard at work in thousands of manufacturing plants across the country. Features include quick cycle times, PLC in most models, NEMA 4 enclosure, standard NFPA cylinder, and pump mounted out of the oil for ease of service. Many options and accessories are available.

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Hydraulic Floor Presses (23)

20-300 ton capacities. Single and double pump models available. Adjust able force and stroke allow application flexibility Standard designs include PLC, pressure reversal of ram (distance rever sal optional), standard NFPA cylinder, externally mounted vane pump, NEMA-12 control cabinet, and speed change limit switch. Choose from a variety of options and accessories.

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4-Post Hydraulic Floor Presses (14)

8-1000 ton capacities. Open hydraulic press design accommodates many different sizes and shapes of parts. Four-sided access to die area simplifies tooling installation. Standard models available, but most 4- post presses are built to customer speci fications. Wide selection of bed sizes, stroke length, daylight, ram speeds, and control options.

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Straight Side Hydraulic Presses (0)

Straight-sided hydraulic presses are placed in the most demanding applications. Ruggedly constructed with industry superior eight point gibbing, straight-sided presses insure millions of cycles and extended tool wear. Press size ranges from 150 to 1500 tons.

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Special Hydraulic Presses (6)

We offer special designs as required and will work with tooling sources, automation houses or integrators to provide presses without electric's or with special controls. We can offer the structure only, either "C" Frame or 4-Post.

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Press Accessories (5)

The accessories available for Multipress Equipment is almost limitless. Over our almost 70 years of building Hydraulic Presses, we have been asked to provide accessories as simple as special push buttons, to a complete turnkey operation.

This willingness to work with the Customer to provide them with the kind of equipment needed to meet their requirements is why Multipress has continued to be the preferred Hydraulic Presses supplier in many industries

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Spare Parts (0)

After nearly 65 years in business and more than 60,000 presses built, we realize that reliable parts and service support is increasingly important. Therefore we stock a broad inventory of repair parts for Denison and our current Multipress models. Our inventory includes the components listed on attached pages.
A selection of Replacement Parts is available, as well as Cylinder Seal Kits and Control Valve Seal/Repair Kits.

Model & Serial Number information
Knowing your Press Model Number and Serial Number are very important when looking for parts or requesting service.

Service Manuals
Service Manuals are available for some models of Denison as well as Multipress equipment.

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