4-Column Hydraulic Presses

Machine Overview

Four-post hydraulic presses, also known as 4-column hydraulic presses, can be designed to accommodate dies of any size and are well suited for part manufacturing that requires superior rigidity and precise bed-to-ram parallelism. 4-column hydraulic presses are advantageous because they typically more economical than gib-guided presses and allow four-sided access to the working area. Multipress offers a wide variety of hydraulic 4 post hydraulic presses or 4 column presses ranging from 20 to 1000 ton in capacity. While we offer several “standard” sizes based on typical use, Multipress routinely builds customized 4-post hydraulic press models based on individual client application and production requirements. Our experienced engineering staff partners closely with clients to ensure their four post press is built to their specifications. Multipress equipment is always built with our signature rugged, heavy duty construction, designed to meet demanding production schedules with years of trouble-free operation.

Electric Controls
Hydraulic Options

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